Saturday, June 3, 2017

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how to fix google chrome not responding

There are some things you can try to speed up Chrome. First, open Chrome’s Task Manager, then find and stop processes that seem to be using lot of resources.

  • Ensure Chrome is up-to-date by following these directions.
  • Try browsing in incognito mode (Menu> new incognito window). Does it help?
  • Disable unused plugins under chrome://plugins (disabling some can cause Chrome to act funky, so be methodical)
  • Uncheck Use hardware acceleration (Menu> Settings> Show Advanced Settings > System menu)
  • Update GC and Flash drivers
  • Use the default theme in Chrome (Settings> Appearance> Reset to default theme menu)
  • Reset your browser settings
  • Try the Data Saver Chrome extension

If none of those works, you can test to see if Chrome in Canary is any faster. It's ahead of the update curve, so some users enjoy that and have success with some bugs being worked out before they hit stable. 


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