Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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unblock instagram account

To unblock a user using the Instagram Web site on your desktop web browser:

Visit Instagram on the web in your browser.

Log in to your Instagram account using the log-in if you are not logged in.

Click Search.

Type the username or name of the user you want to unblock.

Now select the desired user from Autofill suggestions.

Note: Instagram user accounts may show as unavailable. In this case, you must unblock the account using the Instagram application for iOS or Android; Look up

Click the menu button next to the user name (<<·).

Select the menu that is displayed to unblock this user.

Can I see a list of all profiles blocked on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram maintains a list of all profiles blocked by you. To see it in the Instagram app for iOS or Android:

Go to your profile page on Instagram (👤).

In iOS, tap the top gear icon (⚙️).

On Android, tap the menu button (⋮) at the top of the page.

Under ACCOUNT, select the blocked user.

Tap to block any blocked user on their profile, where you can block them; Look up On Instagram web site, you can not access blocked users list.