Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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how I checked out her "scams" company mostly ???

I complained about the company's website and scam and read what I said directly on the web. In most cases, about 98% of the companies who speak about (MLM's)
Lose money and live less than .01%. I do not see it dishonest
He complained that many companies have been shut down by the FCC. There seems to be some knowledge of Ethan's business and I saw that Herbalife fined $ 2 million.
Then let me say look at the food on a lottof man sat Amway a scam. I checked out and they were actually pushing for joining the company. So they are cheating on their video without getting it.
I saw the same points made by Penn $ $ Taylor, 20/20, Dateline, John Stossel ... talking about the same 

When I read people in his comments, people would only complain for 4 months or more. Probably because the project is excluded.
These schemes will drown unhappy people. I mean business uneducated. People actually try and say that retail stores like MLM are the same, how much they understand business.