Friday, July 7, 2017

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I checked out most of his "scam" copanies

I the went to the companies website he complained about and were scams and I read directly off the websits exactly what he said they did. Most were the fact that 98% of people in the companies he talks about (MLM's)
Lose money and less than .01% make a living wage. I dont see it being dishonest.
A lot of the companies he complains about have been shutdown by the fcc. It sounds to me like ethan has some knowledge of business and I just saw hebalife got fined 2oo million dollars.
I then looked on the feed on a lottof people called lets sat amway is a scam. I cheked the out and they were actully pushing to join the company. So they are being deceitful in what their video is about not Eathen.
I saw the same points made by Penn $ Teller, 20/20, Dateline, John Stossel...talking about the same companie.

When I read people in his comments the people will only complain 4 months or so. Probably because the dropped out of the scheme.
These schemes dupe the desperate uneducated people. I mean uneducated in business. People actually try and say retail stores are the same as MLM's which says everything about how much they understand business.


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