Saturday, July 8, 2017

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New York Home Cleaning Service

Handy is the leading provider of cleaning services in New York. For quality jobs, based in New York, book online and one of our background-tested professionals will clean your house at any time.

The first step will be a discussion and we will make references based on how we know about design, photography, real estate and marketing. Then we will: Clean and decorate ornaments and stay on the stage of your home, if necessary, make preparations for rental apartments, coordination with storage, running companies, construction of property companies, and insurance obligation etc. Jobwise Make a photo of your home Create a high quality video of your home Create a marketing plan to place it on YouTube and make reference to selling your home quickly Whether you decide to sell yourself or use the prices of our home broker base packages : One bedrock from $ 3,595 & amp; Up to $ 4,295 & up two bedrooms Up to $ 4,595 & up to three bedrooms Although there are other "staging" companies in New York, we are not another "staging" company or any other "photography" company or other "real estate broker". We are a team of professionals with 25 years of experience combining internal design, marketing, photography, copyright and real estate. We strive to eliminate the trouble of selling the house by providing a "one-stop shop" to the seller's service under an umbrella. We have cooperated many projects before with a proven track record making multiple of the offers above the offer. Before and after photos see our gallery. Our goal is not just to meet but to exceed your chances, so get the most money for your home and mention all your friends and family to us. So please contact us for a free no obligation quotation and discussion. We are eager to provide a "solution" for potentially moving your property fast and maximum price!