Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Getting Started with ClickFunnels

I was directly awestruck by the ClickFunnels onboarding procedure. They do a actually keen thing where they offer you a free ClickFunnels t-shirt just for viewing the outline exercise videocassettes.

It takes about 10 notes, and the exercise videos do give you a good impression of how ClickFunnels works.

Making your first funnel is easy. Click the Add Funnels switch and you are occupied to a shade performance the entire funnel types obtainable.

If you are indistinct with what each funnel does, there’s an entrenched video you can watch which elucidates how it works.

Pick the Funnel you want and click the Create Funnel switch. You will be asked to give your funnel a name.

ClickFunnels will then produce a set of pages for you based on the funnel you’ve selected. So for a sales funnel you would get:

Pages can be detached from the funnel by flying and snapping the giant ‘X’ following to the page.


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