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Tattoos ... Everybody includes a different response to that word. It always experienced my attention. I believe that the first person I personally saw, was my cousin. I have to be 7 or 8 years old. He'd like an interesting giant on his hand with "born to rise in hell" written about this issue. I was surprised to see it and although I did not have more than 20s after my naming the skin, I needed a second, I saw that little monster. To learn more about Kit Tattoo, visit our website today!

Today, more than 60% of the people of the meteorological computer were recognized, there are people who were concerned about marking the body with ink .... forever. This may be a religious problem, or they may have their own personal preferences, they can not deny the tattoo as old as civilization.

The word Tattoo comes from the Touching word "Tatu", which is marked for touching something. In 1991, the first notorious person in 1991 was the "Inhuman" in the Otzal Alps located in Italy. Carbon dating shows that he lived around 5,300 years ago. Fifty tattoos were well known on his body !! Archaeologists believe that he was an essential prerequisite for his society. There were tattoos, charcoal, and water.

Used tattoos to protect against ancient culture illness or misfortune. The Egyptians were the first to use your needles to tattoo your body. Archaeological tombs have been found in children's dolls decorated with tombs, tattoos. In 2000 BC, the spread of fungus spread throughout Greece and Arabia, the tattoo was seen in Asia.

Japan first used to know tattoos in crooks. Later it has been transformed into a genius by producing some of the most exciting tattoos in the world. Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) uses their tattoos to threaten their rivals. Japanese type tattoo has affected countless artists today.

Polynesians have made a huge contribution to the industry. Their machines are bone, or the root of the ivory, which is attached to the stick. They hit the top instrument that contains the hammer type material and it has many "chisel" in the skin. The tool may have a sharp object, or it may contain similar rows of an object.

Certain tribal people roam around their physical work as a way of right. Personal tools are still being used today, for the same type of people, but it is a deadly genius, edited by people who only store their culture. In addition, they created a facial tattoo known as a "face". This facial tattoo was drawn to the person holding the line that would tell the story of the existence.

In Europe, there was present with the shoulder on the shoulders on our body in Europe, although Norman attacked in 1066, tattoos disappeared. After 600 years, a sailor named William Dame called Prince Giollo a colorful prince. He was placed on the exhibition from London to Polynesia and became a sensation.

In the 1700s, on his many journeys towards South Off-Korea, Captain discovered the discovery of Omi, a heavy ink person, whom he also introduced to England. The British became surprised and soon became a fad at the top of the meteorite class. It can still be a century before meteorite may have an impact in USA.

In 1891, Samuel and Reilly's first electric tattoo supply was introduced. It started an electric pen which Thomas Edison discovered a few years ago. A lot like this machine used today. Through this special discovery, it was easy to achieve a tattoo, so the high class gradually changed its retreat around the industry, by 1900, glamor ink lost its appeal. The tattoo artist works in the toxic areas around itself, and the tattoo went subterranean. Only someone by the person can look for a tattoo artist, or perhaps see the tattoo industry. The tattoo became a secret society.

Once more, Samuel O'Reilly is about to save. He moved from Boston to New You opened a tattoo shop in the city's birthplace, capable of the city and very popular Chatham Square, Opinion Square and Yankee Style Tattoos of his day. There he met Charlie Wagner.

O'Reilly trained Wagner with tattoos in 1908 until Sam's death. Charlie then meets with wallpaper designer Lu Albert. Albertus includes his designs in the tattoo industry and started the flash design. For the most twenty years before the disappointing meteor shower in Chatham Square. Then the tattoo's soul to live on the island of the tattoo. Open the shop where military bases are seen. Most mariners will get ink, and each tattoo introduced other stories from different places.

After World War I tattoos was less popular. Their connections with bikes and jailbirds were created with a great effect of tattoos among Americans