Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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What I think about Clickfunnels ?

Clickfunnels minus While it was in beta, there were still a bunch of minor glitches in the patterns. The fashionable works really well, but the actual patterns are quite faulty. Also, I found numerous patterns where you could not alteration all texts, which is kind of a show plug for me when I want to use it for the Danish market (and I can’t alteration the English words).

This has better-quality a lot with the public variety 2.x release.

Also the price point might turn some people off. Right now the price point is $97 per month, which is more than a system like Lead Pages. However, if you look at what you’re actually getting and all the other systems you can replace, I think it’s a quite fair pricing.

Since I’m the one that is using Word Press for pretty much the whole thing, I kind of miss the awesome Word Press integration that LeadPages has. Sure, you can embed somewhat on your site using an frame, but that’s just a “hack”.


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