Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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King Kong Digital Agency Review

 I first looked at their Google map reviews and I noticed that the founder Sabri Suby had left his own business a 5 star review. Is that allowable? Looks like other people had also noticed it. Since then, it looks like Sabri Suby has removed it. I seriously doubt the validity of the other 5 star reviews on their map listing. I examined to see if other King Kong clients have had a similar knowledgeable to myself, so I Goggled King Kong reviews and all I found were movie reviews for the famous exploit movie. Then I examined King Kong SEO reviews and all I found were websites that King Kong owned or had setup. Do you see a trend here? I took my business to a boutique agency in Morning ton. Now my inbox is full with leads and the phone is ringing. I should look on the bright side, due to my appalling experience with King Kong, it fortified me to get off my butt, investigation and learn the basics of seo. I will not be fooled again and I propose you do the same.


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