Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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King Kong SEO Agency Review

Did I just get terrible knowledge with this business? I started to dig some. I first saw their Google Map reviews and I noticed that Sabari Subi has left his own business for 5-star reviews. Is it permissible? Other people also seem to notice it. Since then, Sabri Subi has removed it. I seriously doubt the validity of the other 5 star reviews on their map list. I tested other King Kong clients to see if they were as well as I did, so I made King Kong reviews google and what I got is a movie review for the famous action movie. Then I searched for King Kong SEO review and what I found was King Kong owned or set up the website. Do you see a trend here? I took my business in the morning trade of a booty agency. Now my inbox is full of Leeds and the phone is ringing. Qingming should look at Bright due to my extraordinary experience with Kang, it strengthened me to learn my butt, investigation and basic elements of SEO. I will not be confused again and I recommend you do the same.