Saturday, March 9, 2019

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What sort of attitudes plays a central role at King Kong?

Our mentality is in development. As head of the development and founder of King Kong, I know what my strength is and my weaknesses, so I pay attention to my strengths. I know how to grow a business and I know how that digital marketing methods can be applied to increase the business of other people.

Also, I was largely focused from the very beginning, to bring cash at the door. We were having no choice, being bootstrapped; However, I do not think it's any other smart way to grow commercially, instead of being profitable from the first day. Coming up and increasing the top line income means that we will have enough money to start advertising, get an office, rent a team and make a commercial.

In today's age and age, where Venture's capital flows freely and entrepreneurs lend lakhs of crores of rupees to the fund, without much of an idea, 80% of private enterprises fail to venture. Easy to have an idea - everyone has it. The real value is executed. Ideas are simple, executing whole things.