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Crest Whitestrips

Whitening strips are really a popular choice among teeth whitening items, and crest white strips are probably the most daily sort of whitening strip. Whitestrips have different types of family members, but they are available in two primary lines: over-off-counters and off-office availability. In addition, there are several Whitestrips items which have closed. For acute teeth, we recommend crest whitening strips for the fastest results.

The best

The classic Whitestrips will be the original Whitestrips, primarily known as just the Crest Whitestrips. They were first introduced in 2001, plus they have 6% peroxide. They are used on both sides of the lower and upper teeth for fourteen days.

Daily Whiting Multi

Lightweight strips will be available for drafts of daily air quality multiples. They contain 6% peroxide like classic strips, but for 42 days only to wear for a few minutes at any specific time. They are great for most abundant people in sensitive teeth, and by using a few more serious teeth whitening items they are good for maintaining cleanliness.

Daily Whiting Multiverse Totor Protection

This daily overlap with Whitney multi-stripe strips, but they include elements of a Tatar War. It's really helpful for those who have a hard time controlling tartar.


Premium Whitestrips is step-by-step in really classic strips. They contain 10% peroxide and are made for the dress for only 7 days. Perform a good job of whitening sooner than these classic strips.

Premium Plus

These strips are not promoted under this name, but they are now known as crest white stop pro effects.

Pro effects

Pro effects white reductions are actually a step-up in premium strips that they hold in equal paroyakides (10%), but usually, it is worn for seven days instead of seven.

Advanced seal

The improved seal Whitestrips crest had the response to the complaint of getting the impossibility of maintaining your strip of accusations. To avoid slides from the tooth, the advanced seal line contains more strong adhesive which can be used to smoke, eat or drink teeth, but these lines can take time to synthesize teeth.


Renewal strips are not given. Of these, 9.5% is a peroxide, which makes them less powerful than the previous words, plus they are specific for use for ten days.


Professional strips are not offered. They have 6.5% peroxide and have been specified for 3 weeks. They were the first stripes that the office-bearers could not buy without providing them with their dental professionals.

Crest supreme

The final strips will be the most effective Whitestrips generated in the crest. They contain 14% peroxide and are worn for 3 weeks. These strips are not available over-the-counter customers should have them from their dental professionals. Do not forget to check the crest supreme whitening strips for the fastest and most affordable long lasting tooth whitening solution.

A person scheduling your Whitestrips items should remember both their budget and the amount of sensitivity of their teeth. The amount of peroxide is more expensive to create greater costly material and sensitivity between the tooth and the brain. If your user faces sensitivity while using any Whitestrips products, he or she should stop treating. Once the sensitivity is reduced, it is again reliable for Whitewripps.