Thursday, April 18, 2019

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Lucky Colors To Wear During Each Month Based On The Paht Chee Chart Of 2019

In my last article, we saw the jute charts for the year 2015 and based on monthly pillars, we gave each month's forecasts. We just did not see the elements, but we also saw how the effect of animal signs per month and how it affected the fate prediction of that particular month.

The article was quite popular and I got several of the emails they requested for monthly forecast reading Paht Chee charts. Although all of our Jute Read Readings now include these features, for those who have read their charts earlier, we will offer annual updates and monthly forecast. I have received several emails asking me to wear for a lucky year, which led me to write this article.

So, how will the colors of the year be lucky, how one picture, as well as what colors will be lucky for every month? And then any personal lucky color is based on someone's cheek chain?

Well, first of all, you need to understand that your personalized lucky color is always the first priority based on reading your patty chai, especially if the selected colors represent the missing elements of your chart.


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