Thursday, April 18, 2019

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N Korea's Kim oversees test of ‘new weapon’

North Korea's Kim Jong Un observed a new strategic weapon experiment with a "powerful warhead" after the nuclear talks with Washington, the media released on Thursday.

After a major conference between Kim and US President Donald Trump, the examination ended a few weeks after the agreement broke.

It comes even after suggesting high-speed activity on a nuclear test site in satellite imagery.

Wednesday's trial was "guided by various means of shooting in different targets", Kemp told the "test-driven" campaign to Khabar.

It has been said in the report that the critical importance of Comilla's public warfare "has described its development as one."

The "advantages" of the weapon were "the unique way of managing the flight and the strong operation load", the KCNA said.

The report gave no details of the weapon.

Fired missiles in the north were previously searched by the United States and South Korean military, which closely monitored the events of both isolated nations.

No instant announcement was made in the report.

North Korean analyst Anim Panda said, "The description looks like a missile, but it can be everything from a small tank-guided guided missile to a rocket artillery system to the aircraft missiles from the surface."

Earlier in the week, the center of the Strategic and International Studies in the United States monitored that the activity of the North-East's main nuclear facility was detected in the vaginal area.

Think Tank said the evidence proves that Pyongyang can reproduce the radioactive material to burn the bomb.

Kim's Hanoi summit with the tram, the second of the two people has suddenly ended, North Korea later demonstrated that America was unreasonable in its demand.

Then, North Korea says it has the option of threatening its diplomacy in the United States and it was open to speaking with the tram when Washington's "proper attitude" came last week.

Central interest center analyst Harry Cawison said, "Kim Tram is trying to make a statement to the administration that his military feasibility is increasing day by day."

"His regime is becoming frustrated with the lack of flexibility in the recent talks."

Kong Yu-Hauwan, a professor of North Korea research at Dunkel University, agreed that the United States had a message showing his dissatisfaction with the suspended nuclear talks.

But there was no long-term missile or nuclear test, "Pyongyang wants to keep alive dialogue with underscore underscores".

He said, "Pyongyang cannot run nuclear or long-range missiles at this stage unless it wants to completely disintegrate the remnants of the US-North talks".

Pentagon officials said they were aware of the test report but refused to comment further.

Moon Overture
In November last year, the KCNA reported that Kim Traum has been monitoring the "new improved supernatural strategic weapons" test a few months after his first meeting.

This was the first official report of the operation by North Korea after Pyongyang's nuclear and missile program, Kim and Tram's historic summit, in Singapore.

North Korea's latest weapons test report came after North Korean President Chand J-in on Monday, he asked for a new meeting with Kim, "regardless of venue and form".

Pyongyang has still not responded to the moon's overture.

The long-aided moon with the northeastern operation of the Northeast is pressurizing the inter-Korean economic projects to recover, but if it does, international sanctions will be imposed in Pyongyang.


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