Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Paris's Notre Dame cathedral has been burnt down

One of the most visited places in France, a thunderbolt shocked by the landmark crash in Paris, on Monday, the Notre Dame Cathedral burned to the fire.

The fire broke out through the roof of the old Cathedral of the century and quickly collapsed, which broke down.

Smoke wafted across a huge blossom city and fell on a large area around Ash.

The firefighters cleared the area around the cathedral, which marks the very center of Paris.

President Emanuel Macron has canceled an address to the nation that he has to pay on Monday evening. A presidential official said that Macron had to go to the fire scene.

"A terrible fire is going on in the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris," Mayor Ann Hydolgo said on Twitter.

France 2 television reported that this incident was being treated by police as an accident.

The cathedral that came in the 12th century is in Victor Hugo's classic novel "The Hanbach of Notre Dame". It attracts millions of tourists every year.

The note-dame was in the middle of the renewal, some parts of the sculpture and bronze statues were removed last week for work.


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