Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Pentagon developing military options to deter Russian, Chinese influence in Venezuela

The Pentagon has tried to stop Russia, Cuban and Chinese influence to put a new military alternative to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro under the regime, but is trying to stop any dynamic military activity.

Last week, at the White House meeting, the following national security adviser John Bolton said Venezuela told the responsible defense secretary Patrick Shanahan for developing the concept of crisis.
Officially strongly emphasized that the Pentagon's joint workers are working primarily, which oversees Southern Command as well as future military operations, which oversees US military involvement in the Southern Hemisphere.
And although Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently said that "all options" remain on the table for dealing with Venezuela, many Pentagon officials still have the strength to force it to try to use US military power against Venezuela's regime to say there is no hunger in the Department of Defense.

Donald Trump said there was no indication that President Donald Trump asked to leave Venezuela from Russia to leave Maduro, and he wanted to send them to a major military operation there.
Instead, to include humanitarian assistance to the prevention options and to emphasize more military interaction with neighboring countries, the US Navy may also include exercises in the region immediately. The idea that any Russian, Cuban, or Chinese concept should challenge, is that they can access without access to this region.
The initial planning work will be completed sometime in Shanahan, which will later be given to the White House.
In February, the United States urged Maduro to resign, when the president of the National Assembly Juan Guido himself in the election of 2018 announced the interim president that the election of the 2014 election was frustrating. Then, senior US officials called on the military to leave Maduro, and Maduro blamed the United States for the Venezuelan problem.
In a speech on Saturday on the 17th anniversary of the coup of a failed coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Maduro called all the Venezuelans who want to be included in them and "3 million members" to train them with the military.
Pompeo: 'All options' are available

Maduro reminded the crowd that last year he had set a target of 2 million military members and said, "We have completed our mission", calling for more than one million members to join and "protect our territories and borders".
Maduro said that in December of 2019 he will get 3 million or more military troops.
Paraguay speaks in Paraguay on April 13, all the options for Venezuela remain in the table.
Top US diplomats on a three-day tour of Chile, Paraguay, and Peru did not directly direct the idea of ​​dealing with Maduro if he maintains the military power necessary to stay in the office, then he will make any decision to Venezuela.
In an interview with Voice of America Spanish, he said, "The strategy is not just an American strategy, it's Venezuelan people's strategy."

"Sometimes people consider Maduro to win, and yet he has handed over all his powers to Cuban Russians, which is weak from Maduro, and this weakness will eventually lead to its departure and democracy and prosperity will be restored. Trust, "he said.
During his visit, Pompeo said that Venezuela's neighbors struggled to deal with the refugees fleeing the country, "direct results" with the "hundreds" of the challenge and supporting Russia and Cuba which supported it.
And he also beat Maduro supporter Beijing. "When China does business in a business like Latin America, it pours out corrupted capital into economic blood pressure, gives life in corruption and destroys good governance," said Pompeo in Chile's speech on April 12th.
Pompeo and China trade barbs
"China's capital of Maduro rule helped the country's crisis to be resolved and prolonged. China has invested 60 billion US dollars - 60 billion US dollars - Maduro did not use money to make payments, even if no string was attached, supporters of democracy, and democracy's social Collect funds for work and you all know, comparisons of any person in America ় well know, crushing, destructive results. "
"I think there is an education, the text to learn for us all: China and others are making a scandal for the intervention of Venezuela, their own financial interventions have helped to destroy that country."
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in a press briefing on Monday that "Pompeo" condemned and deliberately enlightened China-Latin America relations. It is illegal and completely ineligible. We are strongly opposed. "
"For some time some American politicians should have the same version, the same scripts that insult China and the bitterly sour seed everywhere, and all the annoying seeds should be sown around the world, these words and actions are hateful, even if you say it thousands, they are false. Pompo, you can stop ". He added five people to death on 28 June 2018.


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