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Trump says Russia probe ''con job''

The President is not waiting. Washington recounts the final hour until the special advisory report is released - expected on Thursday - Donald Trump continued his attack in his 2016 campaign and later attempts to reduce possible publicity in Russia.

He specially unveiled a series of tweets following the special resolution of Robert Mueller, a brief overview released - an important addition to Tropf's wrong-faced trial - produced by Attorney General William Barr

"Based on the discovery of Mueller and Mueller, AG (and great intelligence) already has no restraint, no obstacles," Trump tweeted. "These are crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, DNC, dirty police and others! Investigators investigate!"
Press Secretary Sarah Sandner repeatedly tried to make the same suit on the TV talk show on Sunday. But in 2016, the political war ended in cooperation with Russia's special efforts to investigate and cooperate with its campaign for tram assistance.
The Democrats are calling on Murray to testify before Congress, and President Barack Obama has expressed concern about unnecessary censorship to protect Obama's presidency. House Judiciary Committee headed by Rey Jerry Nadler, New York, tried to force an unauthorized copy of the bar and to launch the report's underlying investigator files.
On Thursday, the judiciary expressed hope that the release of the report will be sent to the Congress on Thursday, sending results to the Congress for nearly two years and supply them to the public.
Moore officially completed his investigation last month and submitted a secret report repeatedly. Two days later, the Attorney General sent a four-page letter to the Congress, which was related to Murar's "major decision".
In his letter to the message, Barak said that special counsel was not found in a criminal conspiracy between Russia and tram partners during the campaign. However, in contrast to the false claims of Trump, there was no conclusion on whether Murara trams his trial. Instead, Mulla presented evidence of both sides of this question. Barre said that there was not enough evidence to prove the trail of the tram, but he felt that Mueller's party did not exclude the president.
The Department of Reports published by the Department of Justice will be re-enforced to protect matters that may affect the Grand Jury ingredients, sensitive intelligence, ongoing investigation on third-party privacy rights and damages, the Attorney General said.
The number of outstanding questions about the investigation has not prevented the president and his alliance from declaring the winner.
They portray House Democrats' investigation as partitions overwhelm and they have targeted press conferences and personal journalists that they have broadcasted the conversation story. The President himself was sitting in a political rally that the whole thing was "to draw the fabric of our great democracy."
He told the believer in recent times that he was sure that the whole report would support the claims of his honesty, but he was convinced to use the media to try to harm him by not being allowed by two Republicans near the White House. Speak openly about personal conversations. In the final days of the waiting house, the White House tried to shape the description.
"Fox News Sunday" Press Secretary Sanders said, "There was no obstacle, I do not know how you can explain in any way other than total absence".
In a letter to the White House officials and the names of outside advisers, the President repeatedly sends any incomplete information to the letter in his letter, expressing his personal allegations because his party is not allowed to publish personal privacy. Discussion.
The winning fold was deliberately premature, they said.

But the internal circle of the tram knows that perhaps embarrassing or politically harmful information will be further revealed. For example, the letter of the bar indicates that at least one unknown step would be taken by the President who examined it as possible law to prevent the molecular block. Some members of the White House have secretly said that they are passionate about all Russian stories, good or bad, to be faded from the title. And some residents fear that in the opening ceremony the football spike might push back that new information emerges if pushed back.
Tram and his associates are also attacking the source of Russian investigations, it portrayed him as an attempt by Democrats and judicial staffers.
On Monday there was a train called Minneapolis TV station KSTP, "Any aspect of the report, I hope it is coming out because of no conflict, no matter what." "It was a big deal and everybody knows ... the crime took place on the other side, this crime was all created, it was a spell and it became loud and clear."
His longstanding accusation - though not supported by evidence - his campaign was given a new life last week when he repeatedly conveyed to the Congress, he thinks "espionage occurred" in 2016.
Bera may have mentioned a surveillance warrant from Florida after the fall of 2016, which was directed to monitor the contact of the former Tram campaign partner Carter Page, who was not charged for any wrongdoing. The page was received after the promotion and the renewal was renewed several times. Critics of Russia's investigation have seized the fact that in the relationship of the tram campaign in Russia by the former British spy, it has been mentioned in anti-democratic research.
After Barry softened his voice, "I'm not saying unreasonable surveillance."
The Democrats have been frustrated by the Attorney General's comments, which may already be concerned about the release of the concerns of concern and the relevant data that could prevent relevant information. The report can provide new information that may encourage further investigations or even consideration of the impact process, a clever political calculation since Mueller's decision was not there that there was conflict or obstruction.
Russian investigations started on July 31, 2016, when the FBI started a fraud investigation in Russia's efforts to influence the presidential campaign and started whether anyone involved in the tram campaign. Through the former tram campaign, the former tram campaign urged Russian interlocutors to interact with foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, in which a drunken professor who called the Russians as "e-mail" to Hillary Clinton.


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